From 31st July to 6th August, the CHI Health Convention Center and the Hilton Downtown Omaha hosted the 106th International Association for Identification Annual Educational Conference, the largest organized event in the world that provides a full week of high-quality, cutting-edge education and hands-on training in forensic physical evidence examination and crime scene processing.

It’s been an intense week made of lectures and full-day workshops, social events and exhibition-related events, where experts exchanged knowledge, projects and technologies. A unique opportunity for the European Forensic Institute to connect with practitioners from all over the world, create opportunities and share new ideas.

Upcoming Event:
On Friday 30th September, the European Forensic Institute will participate in the 10th edition of the Science in the City festival in Valletta, as part of the European Researchers’ Night that takes place on the same night in over 300 cities throughout Europe.