The nation is in mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth, the longest reigning monarch in British history. Her ascension to the throne heralded the second Elizabethan age and all of us from the mid century onwards are defined as Elizabethans. As a constitutional monarch Queen Elizabeth ruled in partnership with her governments and the consent of the people. She had a tremendous sense of duty even though clearly unwell this week Queen Elizabeth appointed our new Prime Minister Liz Truss two days before the Queen passed away.

Everything which happens in Britain over the next ten days from the posting of the Queen’s death on the railings of Buckingham Palace to her internment in St George’s Chapel Windsor has been planned for decades. Each detail whether it is the route her coffin will take or the hymns sung at her funeral has been minutely scrutinised. What cannot be planned is the extraordinary actions of the people at this time, as was witnessed at the passing of Princess Diana. Across the land today churches bells will ring out at noon. King Charles the III will be formally proclaimed King at 10am on the 10th September he will be noted as the King who all his life has believed in protecting and conserving the Earth and all that lives on it.

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The European Forensic Institute is a European institution, which also is located in Malta a country in the Commonwealth of Nations, a decision made at its onset by Andreas Melinato, Head of the Institution, for it is his wish for the EFI to be truly international. So we at the European Forensic Institute can say with confidence “ God Save the King” God Bless you all.

Robert Milne
Dean of Applied Sciences

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