Grounded in Scientific Fact

Our network of Forensic Science Professionals is highly experienced in their field and are available to provide expert opinion and advise in a wide range of forensic related subjects including:

Forensic Engineering

Our highly trained Forensic Engineers have over 20 years of experience. Therefore, they can investigate structures, products and machinery that have failed and carry out reconstructions to a high standard. They can also retrace the processes and procedures that led to the accident or defect and suggest ways to prevent it from happening again.

Road Accident Investigation

We can provide a reconstruction of road traffic accidents by studying CCTV or dashcam footage, the vehicle dynamics, the road layout and so on. Our highly skilled experts can take photographs, measurements, examine the vehicle damage and produce relevant calculations. Our Road Accident Reconstruction experts are extremely experienced in all aspects of traffic accidents.

Fire and Explosion Investigation

Our experts in Fire and Explosion investigations have gained their experience through working in fire brigades and scientific police laboratories. They are highly competent in providing efficient analysis into fire scene investigations and re-examinations, establishing the origin/cause, reviewing and analysing of scientific findings, assessing and evaluating all documentary and photographic evidence, dealing with electrical or chemical caused fires/explosions and much more.

Crime Scene Investigation

All our professionals have been trained to meet the standards of ISO-17020 and ISO-17025. They are extremely competent in using a wide variety of techniques to identify, record and recover evidence from a wide variety of crime scenes. This ranging from volume crimes such as, vehicle crime, criminal damage and burglaries to volume crime such as, homicide, sexual offences and arson.

Computer, Mobile and Digital Forensic

Our digital forensic experts work alongside external partnerships using specialised hardware and software to collect detailed information from any data memory device such as laptops, mobile devices, PC’s and more. We also have the technology and expertise to carry out in-depth analysis of phone records (CDR) and cell towers (BTS) real coverage investigation.

Audio and Video Forensic

Our professionals also provide services such as software development, technical support and efficient audio/video analysis. Our analysts can identify, extract and preserve recorded evidence from devices such as CCTV, hard-drives, mobile handsets and audio recording equipment to produce evidence in court proceedings. They are also skilled in enhancement, subtitling, hiding sensitive details by blurring, darkening and pixelating and applying filters

Laboratory and Analysis

As well as crime scene investigation, EFI can provide the analysis and evaluation of forensic evidence. We have to offer very skilled biologists and chemists which can work to the expected quality level of ISO-17025. They can also execute investigative procedures around areas such as DNA analysis, toxicology, fingerprinting and so on; to a very high standard.

Ballistic and Firearms

EFI can provide firearm and ballistics investigations which is the speciality of forensic science focusing on the examination of all firearms, the flight path of projectiles, internal and external ballistics and other related subjects. We can carry out reconstructions and can team up with external connections to help aid some of our investigations to produce the best results.

Fraud and Counterfeiting

Our team of experts are specialised in dealing with all aspects of fraud and counterfeiting. They are qualified to identify counterfeit goods and objects, forged documents and signatures, protecting trademarks and brands, carry out handwriting analysis and many more

Expert Witness

Each of our professionals are specialised within their chosen field and therefore can be used as expert witnesses within court proceedings.

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