On 29 July nine students graduated after successfully completing our BSc (Hons) in Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation, becoming only the second batch to complete the course in the country.

The degree course saw its first graduation in 2021, but the ceremony took place online due to pandemic restrictions. The class of 2022, however, were joined by friends and family at the Malta Life Sciences Park to receive their diploma. The ceremony was also live streamed to family, friends and staff members who were unable to attend in presence.

Joining remotely, Robert Milne, Dean of Applied Sciences, congratulated the graduates, “To all graduates, I offer my warmest congratulations on your academic successes –achieved through the culmination of dedication and hard work”.

Dissertation topics amongst the graduates included forensic document examination, road traffic accident-related technology, forensic biology, digital forensics, and the judicial system.

A new group of qualified individuals in Malta will help to bring new solutions to issues, particularly those of a technological native. Over the last three years, the students’ education evolved in tandem with technological and scientific advancements, particularly as our lives become more digitised.

In his speech, the Head of Institution, Andreas Melinato explained “The field of Forensic Science is not a stagnant one, the information is not updated every few years but rather more frequently. Practitioners in the field receive continual training to help keep up to date with novel practices and techniques, and this further underlines the huge advantage that is provided you, when learning directly from these practitioners. The scientific and technological advancements happen continually, and Forensic practices follow up soon after.”

He emphasised, “Even judiciary systems are catching up to accommodate and provide for data retrieval that is done using new practices in Forensic Science. This gives added fulfillment of the usefulness and indispensability of our work.”

In her moving speech, Sofia Tapparello, the class Valedictorian said “Three years ago, we all came here from very different backgrounds, but with similar dreams and ambitions. We all wanted to become part of the particular and strange world of the forensic sciences and now we are leaving, again, with different aspirations and goals, but with a common wish to be successful.”

She added, “Now that all of us are gearing up for the next phase of our life with passion, perseverance and dedication, I would just like to wish the best to all of you and to end my speech with a very important quote in our field that is now meant to be also a reminder for us all: as Locard thought us, ‘every contact leaves a trace’ so let’s always try to be contaminated by the best trace possible of any experience we face.”

A word of advice from the Master of Ceremony, Mrs Frankline Lauria,

“You are graduating in a time in history when we have and still are experiencing unforeseen and unlived circumstances – who would ever have thought that we would have had to isolate in the ways we did? The challenges before us were enormous, however, these were successfully surmounted, and new opportunities were created. You are the generation who will help bring solutions to new issues, more so, you being technology natives. As you have learned in the past three years, the field of Forensic Science evolves in tandem with technological and scientific advancements, particularly as those advancements become incorporated in our daily lives.

Armed with the skills and knowledge you’ve attained, we can tell that you are eager to tackle this next phase, whatever it might be. You are part of a global generation for which professional opportunities, recreational travel and explorations may take you to the furthest reaches of the earth and possibly beyond! In this spirit I want to challenge you to continue your quest for knowledge and to discover in your own ways how to contribute back to society.”

Congratulations on your well-deserved success and good luck with your next adventure!