Academic requirements

The Institute welcomes all applicants and operates a fair and transparent admission process; the admission office selects future students on the basis of merit, ability and potential. The following are the minimum entry requirements for our programmes.


Maltese Matriculation Certification or international equivalent at EQF Level 4.
Eg: UK A-level, German Abitur, Italian High School Diploma, French Baccalauréat, Spanish Bachillerato, Matura and other equivalent

Only for BSFSCS programme, two pure science subjects in Maltese or international equivalent high school.

Demonstrate a minimum of B1 Level CEFR in the language of instruction of the programme (English or Italian).


Recognised by MQRIC at MQF Level 6 or equivalent
Please refer to programme page for any programme specific requirements

Demonstrate a minimum of B2 Level CEFR in the language of instruction of the programme (English).

Admissions process

Our application process is performed online and is open to all. Students are asked to submit their application on our Admission Portal, uploading the required documents (Copy of ID/passport, copy of certificates if applicable and any other relevant document). Applicants can submit their application also in case they have not yet obtained the required certification(s), but they must obtain them and send any required document(s) before 1 September, each academic year. For example, if they are final year students preparing to take their EQF Level 4 examination or awaiting results.

Our admission procedures ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all applicants with no exception. Once the Admission office has reviewed the applications, candidates will receive an official offer letter via email if they meet the entry requirements. To complete the enrolment process, it will be necessary to accept or decline the offer. In case the candidate accepts, the Institute will require a non-refundable registration fee to ensure the student a place in our course. Any other information about the school, the payments and the process to complete the enrolment procedure will be communicated via email.

Please download the step-by-step guide before starting your application.

Step-by-step enrolment process

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Registration Fee

Registration fee is due upon acceptance of the offer for a place in our programme. This fee includes administrative cost associated with the enrolment process.

€ 300

Our annual tuition can be paid in two or three instalments at specific dates. A small fee supplement is required for payment in instalments. Further information will be provided after registering to one of our programmes.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee includes teaching, access into our digital campus, assessments and laboratory sessions. This does not include travel, accommodation and costs associated with participation in our laboratory sessions.

(*Please note that tuition fee may be different for future academic years.)

for 2024/25 intake
€ 5,170 per year

BSc Programmes in English

€ 5,390 per year

BSc Programmes in Italian

€ 7,755 entire master

Master's Programmes in English.

Scholarship and Discounts

For our BSc programmes, we offer 10% off our annual tuition fee for High Achieving students. This discount is valid for the first academic year and any future scholarship is subject to academic performance in the previous academic year. The Top Student of each programme each academic year will receive a 15% scholarship for the following academic year.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the equivalent criteria for your qualification for our High Achieving Scholarship. We reserve the right to change our high achieving student criteria each academic year.

For our Master's programmes, all graduates of our BSc programmes are entitled to a 20% discount as long as they graduated within 36 months upon submission of application into our Master's programme.

10% off annual tuition fee

High Achieving Scholarship for the first year in all BSc programmes

15% off annual tuition fee

Top Student Scholarship for second and third year BSc programmes

20% off Master's tuition fee

Continuing Student Discount for all Master's programmes

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