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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Rachel Boba Santos will present the next event in our series Editorya.

Dr. Santos will discuss the central role of crime analysis in effective crime reduction by police as discussed in her books “Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping” (Sage Publications, 2023) and “Stratified Policing” (Co-Authored with Roberto Santos, Rowman & Littlefield, 2020). She will illustrate how crime analysis plays an integral part, not only in guiding police to the places, problems, and people, but also in effective implementation of the tactics and strategies. In addition, she will discuss how crime analysts serve as the “voice of the chief” and the “truth tellers” in Stratified Policing—a business model for implementing evidence-based proactive crime reduction in police organizations.

About the presenter
Dr. Rachel Santos is currently a professor of Criminal Justice and Co-Director of the Center for Police Practice, Policy and Research ( at Radford University, in Radford, Virginia. Her interests include conducting practice-based research which is implementing and evaluating evidence-based crime reduction practices in the “real world” of criminal justice. In particular, she seeks to improve crime prevention and proactive crime reduction efforts by police in areas such as crime analysis, problem solving, accountability, as well as leadership and organizational change. She and Dr. Roberto Santos co-created Stratified Policing which is an organizational model for systemizing proactive crime reduction strategies and problem solving in police departments. Other areas of research include police/researcher partnerships, police/community collaboration, hot spot and problem-oriented policing, predictive policing, environmental criminology, crime and place, police/crime data and technology, experimental research methodology, and program evaluation. From 1994 to 2000, she was a crime analyst in a local police department of about 400 officers where she did all types of crime analysis as well as research on motor vehicle theft. Since 2000, she has led federally funded research and technical assistance projects in these areas for the National Institute of Justice, the Office of Community Policing Services, and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. From these projects, she has published many final reports, practitioner guidebooks, and articles for both academic and professional journals. Dr. Santos earned her master’s degree and doctor of philosophy in sociology from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ.

Join us on 21 June at 15:00 CEST for the next event of our Editorya series!

About the series
Editorya is a place of gathering for academics, professionals, journalists, editors, writers, and intellectuals in the forensic science and criminology community to discuss and debate key issues affecting our community. Inspired by historical spaces of thought exchange, focus and deliberation such as the Roman Forums, Greek Amphitheaters and Agoras, and London’s Speakers’ Corner; Editorya aims to create an environment where opinions are heard, thoughts are challenged, ideas are refined, and most importantly, where discussion is open.

We welcome you to join us in open discussion as a participant or guest. Topics are curated to reflect important themes in our community. If you would like to propose a topic for discussion, please send an email to

Kindly note that all thoughts and opinions expressed are the speakers’ own. They do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of the European Forensic Institute, its affiliates, or its employees. The European Forensic Institute works to provide a safe space for the open exchange of ideas and expects all participants to be mindful of others in the expression of their thoughts and opinions. We are not responsible for any damage or harm; physical, emotional, or financial; caused by expressed thoughts and opinions.

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