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Web and Open-source Intelligence


Without a doubt and as a direct result of the pandemic, the use of social media, mobile apps, and the dark web for illegal activities on the internet has grown exponentially. Criminals, terrorists, and hackers are increasingly using these easily accessible platforms, leaving traces only a well-trained expert in the field with the right tools can follow.

We’re pleased to organise our next event in collaboration with Cobwebs Technologies on this highly pertinent issue.

Cobwebs’ leading and innovative systems service the national security, law enforcement and private sectors, identifying web relations, criminal activities and cyber terrorist threats with just one click. We work with clients from all corners of the world with diverse needs and goals, assisting them with investigations and analysis of targeted data. Our range of products offer everything from a supportive starting point for targeted web data search, to extraction of vital intelligent insights, and all the way to monitoring and providing alerts of relevant events in real time. With our multifaceted approach to completing investigations, our technologies employ passive and active systems to cope with today’s complex hurdles and evolving challenges.

Our expert, Mr John O’Hare is the sales and business development director of Cobwebs Technologies and the former Commander of the Vice, Intelligence, and Narcotics Division for the Hartford Police Department (Connecticut, US). Prior to that, he was the Project Developer for the City of Hartford’s Capital City Command Center (C4), a Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) that reaches throughout Hartford County and beyond who provided real-time and investigative back support for Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement partners utilizing multiple layers of forensic tools, coupled with data resources, and real-time intelligence.

Mr O’Hare and his team at Cobwebs are also guest lecturers in our Web and Open-Source Intelligence module.

His talk will focus on the use of Forensic and Analytical capabilities in Policing and how it has changed from the old methods when it was 99% HUMINT. He will also be highlighting the challenges from the US Law Enforcement Perspective.

Join us on Wednesday, 23 December at 16:00 (CET/UTC +1) for the third event of our Meet the Experts series!

Mr John O’HarePlease note that spaces are limited and registrations are on a first come first serve basis.

About the series

Meet the Experts is a series of events organised by the European Forensic Institute to bring together professionals and students in the field of forensic science. In this series, we aim to introduce interested parties to the many aspects of Forensic Sciences including Digital Forensics, Forensic Engineering, Intelligence, Fraud, Counterfeiting, Crime Scene Investigation and more. Our guests will be speaking about various topics related to their field covering their everyday work, industry best practices, forensic innovation, cutting-edge technology and more. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on upcoming events!


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