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Meet The Experts – May 6th at 04:00 pm UTC +2

🔍 Assessment of the Recruit Officer Course (ROC) of the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) through Conflict Resolution and the 2020 Police Reforms in Massachusetts

In this May’s Meet The Experts, Kristina Angelevska will present the results of her project. She will focus on discussing the implementation of new policing standards in the ROC curriculum, integrating conflict frameworks and conflict resolution models. This approach aims to understand societal factors contributing to inadequate police behavior, such as polarization and stereotypes, and their impact on conflict escalation and de-escalation.

About the presenters

Kristina completing the master’s program at UMass Boston (John W. McCormack Graduate School of Global and Policy Studies) as a recipient of a Fulbright scholarship. She is also nearing the completion of her master’s degree at the John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at the University of Massachusetts.

📌 @Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Kristina affiliated with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, particularly with the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the Office of Grants and Research, and the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee, contributing to the support of various state policies in the criminal justice and law enforcement sectors.


The police play a pivotal role in maintaining public safety and stability in society. However, a negative image of the police, especially concerning interactions with people of color, has eroded public trust. Recent incidents, such as those involving excessive use of force leading to fatalities, have heightened concerns. A 2023 poll by Washburn revealed that only 39% of respondents believed the police are adequately trained in the use of force. In response to this, Massachusetts passed police reforms in 2020, emphasizing racial equity, social justice, and accountability.

These reforms impacted the law enforcement training at the entry level, specifically the ROC within the MPTC. Changes included de-escalation tactics and the use of body-worn cameras. Kristina’s analysis aims to determine how the 2020 reforms are reflected in this training.

The Meet The Experts will be presented by Friedrich Steiner, Head of Crime Analysis Unit and founder of the European Association of Crime Analysts (EACA). This event is a result of collaboration between EACA, renowned international experts, and prestigious educational institutions such as EFI and the University of Massachusetts – Boston.

We invite you to this Meet The Experts to learn more about the importance of collaboration between educational institutions, government agencies and international experts on the path towards the implementation of more effective and equitably distributed policing policies.

About Meet The Experts

Meet the Experts is a series of events organized by the European Forensic Institute to bring together professionals and students in the field of forensic science. With this series we intend to introduce interested parties to the numerous aspects of forensic sciences, such as digital forensics, forensic engineering, intelligence, fraud, forgery and crime scene investigations, among others. Our guests will talk about various topics related to their industry, such as their daily work, industry best practices, forensic innovation, cutting-edge technology and much more.

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