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🧬Explore the innovative field of forensic genetics at our Meet The Expert: “Forensic Genetics: Glamour at the Service of the Law” event. Join us to understand the complex relationship between science and law by immersing yourself in the diverse applications of DNA analysis.

About the presenters

Arianna Delicati is a PhD student in Pharmacological Sciences and a non-medical Resident in Health Statistics and Biometrics at the University of Padua. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology at the University of Padua and a master’s degree in molecular and medical biotechnology at the University of Verona, along with completing an advanced course in diagnostic and forensic genetics at the University of Naples Federico II.

Her research activity in the forensic genetic laboratory at the University of Padua has resulted in the publication of 12 papers. With her knowledge and experience, including teaching the Forensic Biology course in the BSc (Hons) in Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation at the European Forensic Institute since 2021, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Programme Leader of the Master of Science in Forensic Biology.


Prof. Luciana Caenazzo is Professor of Legal Medicine at the University of  Padua. Since 2002, she taught Legal Medicine, Bioethics to pre-and postgraduate medical and law students, of the University of Padua.

She also teached Forensic genetics in courses for the  Galileian  School at University of Padua a.y. 2018-21.

Her research regards aspects of personal identification in the paternity analysis and biological stains by means of the study of DNA genetic markers in the forensic field (Forensic Genetics) and for clinical purpose regarding the follow up in the patients undergoing to marrow transplantation. Her interests of research also comprise, ethical questions of genetics, forensic genetics and justice, other main research interest is in the ethical aspects of the clinical use of genetics (ethical issues arising in their day-to-day practice and to share good practice), and on the applied and fundamental aspects of new technologies. In the last years also focused on ethical and legal aspects of governance in biobanks. The research activity produces about 130 publications in national and international journals.


This meeting will provide a comprehensive examination of forensic genetics, delving into its intricate intersections with science and law. Through detailed discussions, attendees will explore the wide-ranging applications of DNA analysis, including its crucial roles in crime scene investigation, human remains identification, and paternity testing, all of which are integral to legal proceedings. 

The agenda includes an in-depth analysis of the ethical and legal challenges inherent in the use of genetic data, with the goal of understanding the complex landscape of justice while respecting individual rights. In addition, the meeting will examine future advances in forensic genetics, particularly the potential impact of forensic DNA phenotyping (FDP), which promises to improve investigative capabilities by predicting physical traits from DNA evidence.

Save the date for this event, scheduled for March 25, 2024 at 6:30 pm (CET). Arianna Delicati will introduce Professor Luciana Caenazzo who will immerse us in a compelling exploration of the role of DNA analysis in shaping the future of justice and criminal investigation methodologies.

About the series
Meet the Experts is a series of events organised by the European Forensic Institute to bring together professionals and students in the field of forensic science. In this series, we aim to introduce interested parties to the many aspects of Forensic Sciences including Digital Forensics, Forensic Engineering, Intelligence, Fraud, Counterfeiting, Crime Scene Investigation and more. Our guests will be speaking about various topics related to their field covering their everyday work, industry best practices, forensic innovation, cutting-edge technology and more.

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