We are excited to share that our Institute Director, Andreas Melinato, attended the ENFSI FEIWG steering committee meeting in Lisbon. This meeting focused on preparing for an important working group meeting scheduled for September 2024, dedicated to flammable liquid analysis and fire investigation.


ENFSI Fire and Explosion Investigation Working Group

ENFSI has seventeen Expert Working Groups. The Fire and Explosion Investigation Working Group is dedicated to knowledge exchange, shared experience, information gathering, and method development in the field of fire and explosion investigation. The group actively works to ensure quality in the development of investigations, with a focus on the analysis of flammable liquids and chemical investigations of a fire scene.

The main goals of the working group include information sharing through collaborative testing, training and education, promotion of data exchange, and development of professional standards in the field.


ENFSI is recognized as a preeminent voice in the field of forensic science worldwide, striving to ensure quality in the development and delivery of forensic science in Europe. The goals of the association are to strengthen and consolidate internal work, expand membership in Europe while maintaining ENFSI’s development and credibility, establish and maintain working relationships with other similar organizations, and encourage ENFSI laboratories to conform to best practices and international standards.


ENFSI organizes meetings, scientific seminars, collaborative studies and proficiency testing, advises on forensic issues and publishes best practice manuals.

We are proud of the participation of our Institute Director, Andreas Melinato, in this important event and of the ENFSI association’s commitment to promoting quality and innovation in forensic investigations. We look forward to the next working group meeting in September 2024.