The European Forensic Institute (EFI), under the leadership of Fire Investigator, Mr Andreas Melianto, and Vector Robotics have embarked on an exciting collaborative research journey. This collaboration, mentioned in a July 2023 Le Scienze article, aims to transform the realm of fire detection and prevention.

EFI, a top investigative academic institution, is leveraging its theoretical expertise, with Vector Robotics applying their prowess in building endurance drones. The key focus is on refining the optimal temperature settings for fire detection sensors in drones, enhancing their response accuracy, and potentially mitigating wildfire damage.

The project also delves into advanced fire monitoring strategies, exploring how technology can better anticipate the rapidly changing nature of wildfires. This project holds immense promise for significant advancements in drone technology and fire sciences. Combining EFI’s academic rigour and Vector’s technological brilliance, this collaboration could revolutionise the way we approach and handle wildfires, heralding a new era of fire prevention and ecosystem protection.

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