A recent graduate of our BSc (Hons) in Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation, Federica Moggio recounts her experience with our Institution:

After having completed my science-oriented high school degree, I’m dealing with choosing the way for the future. Criminalistics, though not knowing exactly what it was and the world it is behind, has always fascinated me, as well as forensics medicine and aspects of investigation. I’m not being aware of the existence of a university course in Italy, which deal with this subject. Thus, I was looking for enrolling in the faculty of medicine or biotechnology and then specializing in scientific investigation.

Until I came across the European Forensic Institute’s site, a new-born university that offered a criminalistic path, with online lessons, only laboratories and examinations in the presence in the Life of Science Park of Malta. Although the idea of taking an educational pathway totally in English at first scared me, I decided to try, and I signed up. I had the opportunity to learn interesting subjects, in a multidisciplinary field of international scope. During these 3 years the curiosity in different fields has been amplified, leading me to attend external in-depth courses of study.

The field of travel security, terrorism and defensive strategy that I had the opportunity to deepen with the expert Carlo Biffani. In addition to the field of digital forensic and cybersecurity through the “Studio di Ingegneria Informatica Forense – Michele Vitiello” and courses offered by CISCO. In January I joined the Cisco Cybersecurity Scholarship program, after passing their selection. The program offered the opportunity to participate in IT security pathways, with international experts, and the possibility to participate in workshops with their Academy Partners. After the Bachelor’s degree, I decided to continue my education in order to face new challenges and to specialize.

Currently, having never completely abandoned my love of medicine, I am attending a master’s in forensic medical science. The master is organized by the University of Verona, in collaboration with the Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences in London. Also, this pathway is completely in English language, courses are taught by professionals, each one deals with its specific area of competence. This master will lead me to have specific skills in the field of forensic pathology, toxicology and biochemistry, clinical forensic medicine and forensic identification. I’m grateful to the European Forensic Institute and I thank all the staff, in particular Andreas Melinato as Head of Institution.

Congratulations Federica! We wish you all the best in your future career.