Malta, 30 July 2021

Our pioneering group of students completed their 3-year BSc (Hons) in Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation. After 3 years of hard work, grit and determination, our Head of Institution, Lecturers and all our Academic Staff, would like to congratulate with the Class of 2021 graduates on their achievement in completing their bachelor’s degree and setting a new milestone, which represents a time of hope and excitement.

Our Head of Institution, on behalf of all of us at the European Forensic Institute, shared a message describing their journey over the past 3-years and the challenges they have faced which no doubt has prepared them to face the future with the knowledge that they can surely overcome any obstacles coming their way.

“We are all really proud and happy for the completion of the final steps of their Academic journey during this Global pandemic, which had unprecedent consequences for everyone. It has been one of the most difficult times in our lives, but we could not be prouder of them for their remarkable perseverance, resourcefulness, and inventiveness in adapting to this new situation.

They are the first graduating students in our Institution, and we truly, honestly believe a lot of opportunities are waiting for them.

With our sincerest wishes and many congratulations. “

The Head of Institution, Lecturers and Academic Staff

Our Dean of Applied Sciences, Prof. Robert Milne, Fellow at the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences UK and beloved lecturer of the graduating class agreed and complimented our graduates on the skills and competences they’ve developed over the years as being on-par with many of the top professionals in the field of forensic science!

I truly believe you are all competent to proceed in either a career in scenes of crime or to carry on your academic work. I congratulate you all, the amount of work you have done is really quite colossal. I wish you all the best, you have done really well and your families must be proud of you.”

Robert Milne
Dean of Applied Sciences

We also invited our top student, the graduating class’s Valedictorian, Martina Bortoluzzi to speak on behalf of her classmates. She delivered a truly witty speech filled with gratitude to everyone who’s contributed to their success along with a word of inspiration for her colleagues,

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Talent is useless without a strong mind and the passion to achieve your ambitions. Your goals might be far when you look at them now, but the first step of trying is one step closer to your goal. The only thing stopping you from success and happiness is yourself, so fellow graduates always go for it and never give up. Congratulations class of 2021!”

Martina Bortoluzzi
Valedictorian – Class of 2021

Finally, to wrap up the ceremony, we presented all the graduates with their certificates virtually. A huge congratulations to all. We are beyond proud. Well done!