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Massimo Blanco, Dean of Social Science
Faculty: Department of Social Sciences
The Social Sciences are all those disciplines that study human beings, their social relationships and the origin, development and organization of human society.
The Department of Social Sciences conducts learning and research activity mainly in the fields of psychology, sociology, law, pedagogy and criminology, studying the human being and the society also through the modern knowledges offered by neuroscience, which resulted in the birth of  “Social Neurosciences”.

Massimo Blanco (PhD, MANCC, MSIV)
Dean of Social Sciences
Massimo Blanco is a Forensic Criminologist and Victimologist. He is also a researcher of the application of neurosciences in the fields of deviance and crime phenomena.
He is head of the Criminological Investigation Division at Istituto di Scienze Forensi (Italy) and university professor of Forensic Criminology and Applied Neurosciences at UPSM International University in Milan (Italy).
He was contract professor of Applied Criminology at University of Rome “La Sapienza” (School of Management & Decision Sciences) until 2016 and director of post-graduate course in Criminology and Security Management at LUdeS University of Lugano (Switzerland) in the academic year 2012/2013.
Since 2008 he has been carrying out study and research about the applications of knowledge offered by neuroscience in the areas of deviance and work in relation to stress indices in police officers, Army and security operators. In 2016 he published the first Italian manual of neurosociology "Fundamentals of Neurosociology" (Primiceri, Padua).
In 2020 he obtained his PhD in Criminology and Applied Neuroscience with honours.
He was responsible for the counter against violence and persecutory acts of the Municipality of Buccinasco (Milan). At present, in the public sector he deals with projects to prevent deviance and victimization in relation to the neurophysiological aspects related to these phenomena.
He was a police officer in the “Arma dei Carabinieri”, an Italian security force that performs both police and military police. At present he is a trainer of the police forces and security operators in the field of operational techniques and combat psychophysiology.
In the institutional field he is General Secretary of the Associazione Nazionale Criminologi e Criminalisti (Italy’s National Association for Criminologists and Criminalists).

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