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The European Forensic Institute (EFI) is an innovative Higher Education Institution that provides accredited courses to students and professionals in the field of Forensic Sciences. Our mission is to connect students directly to experts and practising professionals in the forensics field to ensure that their foundation is built upon knowledge, skills and competences required of a forensic science practitioner at the highest professional standards.

…but first: method and training
Our programmes have been designed to prepare the students to enter the labour market with an immediate use the skilles acquired. In fact, the teaching method is mainly focused to the practical part of the courses delievered, compared to the traditional educational programmmes that focuse more on the theoretical studies. This method, well known in the UK and North America education system, the time spent studying is automatically translated in time spent to learn a job.
The activities carried out in tandem with the virtual classrooms and the in-presence laboratory sessions, such as seminars, conferences, guided tours etc., represent the extra-didactic frame through which the student have the opportunity to enrich his/her knowledge about the forensic sciences.

Studying with Forensic Experts
Studying at the European Forensic Institute means to acquire knowledges and competences from practicing professionals that apply daily on the field what they teach to the students. In fact, the EFI lecturers are forensic experts or researchers in several activities, former or current members of the police forces, and this aspect supports beyond all doubt the human and intellectual growth of the student that interact, on a dalily basis, with experts, gaining hands on experience in Crime Scene, Forenisic Biology and Chemistry, Fingerprint, Law and other theorietical aspects of all courses.

Opportunities at our Partner “Istituto di Scienze Forensi”
Thanks to the collabotation between EFI and Istituto di Scienze Forensi (Milano-Italy), the students willl have the opportunity to take part, for free or with a special fee reserved to employees, consultants and ISF students, a huge variety of educational offers (e.g.: courses, seminars, conferences) and job-oriented traineeships inside the company.

Recognition of Diplomas
The European Forensic Institute is a Higher Education Institution fully accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE no. 2018-014).
EFI students are registered as Student Members of the Chartered Society of Forensic Science, one of the most prominent organizations, known globally in the field of Forensic Sciences. Therefore, the students that successfully complete their studies at the European Forensic Institute can boast a curriculum of excellence, recognised globally in the field of forensic professions.
The final qualifications (Undergraduate Degree) are recognised, in the EU coutries, pursuant to the current regulations. In Italy, they are recognised by the Associazione Nazionale Criminologi e Criminalisti (Italy's National Association for Criminologists and Forensic Experts), the biggest professional association of categories listed in the Registry of the Ministry of Economic Development under the terms of law of 14 January 2013. The Associazione Nazionale Criminologi e Criminalisti issues, to its members, the Certificate of Quality and Professional Competence for the Services provided (art. 4,7 and 8 of Law 4/2013).

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