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Join us for an insightful journey into the world of Forensic Anthropology, where science meets history to unravel the mysteries of human life and interactions in ancient times. This engaging talk will be led by Daniela Tumler, an expert in the field with deep roots in South Tyrol, Italy, and an academic background from Bournemouth University.

Exploring Fatal Inter-Individual Conflict and Population Dynamics in the Early Mediaeval Italian Alps

Forensic anthropology provides invaluable insights into the biological features and life histories of individuals from the past. In this session, Daniela Tumler will delve into her research on fatal inter-individual conflict and the broader population dynamics of the early mediaeval Italian Alps. The focus will be on individuals exhibiting skeletal trauma, particularly through the case study of SK63, from the Early Christian church of Säben-Sabiona in South Tyrol, Italy.

The research assesses trauma in 226 individuals, exploring injury frequency and the mechanisms behind bone trauma. Findings reveal a pattern of trauma mostly associated with labour-related accidents, though a significant subset, predominantly males, showed signs of violence likely linked to close combat scenarios. Such discoveries underscore the sporadic yet significant occurrences of hostility and interpersonal conflict, providing a deeper understanding of the daily risks and social interactions of the time.


About the presenter


Daniela Tumler has an illustrious career, beginning with her education in Biological Anthropology and Applied Sciences at Bournemouth University and extending through valuable internships at the Institute for Mummy Studies of Eurac Research. Her doctoral research focused on the skeletal remains from Säben-Sabiona, enhancing our understanding of early medieval life in South Tyrol. Currently teaching at Burnley College in Lancashire, UK, Daniela specializes in archaeological and forensic anthropology and is spearheading a new interdisciplinary project to further scientific analysis of human remains in her native region.


Our Programme Leader

Arianna Delicati is a PhD student in Pharmacological Sciences and a non-medical Resident in Health Statistics and Biometrics at the University of Padua. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology at the University of Padua and a master’s degree in molecular and medical biotechnology at the University of Verona, along with completing an advanced course in diagnostic and forensic genetics at the University of Naples Federico II.

Her research activity in the forensic genetic laboratory at the University of Padua has resulted in the publication of 12 papers. With her knowledge and experience, including teaching the Forensic Biology course in the BSc (Hons) in Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation at the European Forensic Institute since 2021, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Programme Leader of the Master of Science in Forensic Biology.

Save the date for this event, scheduled for 21 June 2024 at 6:30 pm (CEST).


About the series
Meet the Experts is a series of events organised by the European Forensic Institute to bring together professionals and students in the field of forensic science. In this series, we aim to introduce interested parties to the many aspects of Forensic Sciences including Digital Forensics, Forensic Engineering, Intelligence, Fraud, Counterfeiting, Crime Scene Investigation and more. Our guests will be speaking about various topics related to their field covering their everyday work, industry best practices, forensic innovation, cutting-edge technology and more.

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