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The Institute
The European Forensic Institute is a Higher Education Institution of maltese law, founded in 2018 and officially accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) with license no. 2018-014.
The EFI Campus is based at the state-of-the-art Malta Life Sciences Park ( where our in-presence lessons and laboratory sessions take place. In Italy, at our partner Istituto di Scienze Forensi (, students can access to a huge variety of extra-curricula activities such as the possibility to attend for free or with a special fare to seminars, conferences, meeting, guided tours and job-oriented traineeships.

Our journey
The history of the European Forensic Institute bring us back to 2011, when some notorious experts in the fields of criminology, investigation, insurance and security have decided to join the forces to establish a working group for the purpose of creating a professional industrial hub in the field of forensic investigations, based on the corporate phylosophy of the major US law firms and and businesses which operate in this field. The project to which the team dedicated itsef aimed to provide to the clients a wide variety of consultancy services to cover most of the needs of the courts, police forces, lawyers, insurace companies and businesses, ensuring fast-delievered services thanks to operatonal offices spread throughout Italy and Europe.
Five years later, at the beginning of 2016, the experts working group had founded the ISF College Corporate University, aiming to transfer its know-how to the future operators of the Institute and to deliever innovative training and professional courses to the expert of the field. At the same time, the Corporate University have been addressing to the students with High School Diploma or with Undergraduate Degree who wish to work as Criminologists in the investigative and giudiciary fields or as Forensic experts, setting up, in Italy, the very firsts post-diploma and post-degree advance training courses which, in less than two years, have made the ISF College Corporate University a point of reference for the trainings in the forenisc sciences field. In 2018, the experience gained in the educational activity and the boost given by the success of ISF College Corporate University in Italy, have persuaded the directors of the “Istituto di Scienze Forensi” that it was time to take a further step and to transfer the knowledge to an international level. Malta was chosen to undertake this new academic experience for a specific reason. In fact, Malta is a country with thousands of years of history where, since the ancient period and for several reasons, different cultures and traditions, from north Europe to Middle East, have met and have mixed together creating a unique society. Moreover, this island represent one of the most important pivot in the Mediterranean area in  different fields such as the IT sector and is one of the most reliable business centers in the world. Malta, finally, is currently the only European country that is both part of the European Union and the “Commonwealth of Nations”. In other words, Malta is the most suitable place in the higher education, especially in the forensic sciences field, for thos students that study on an international level.

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